The necessity of the electronic waste sorting treatment

Author:Suny Group

With the continuous development of society, all kinds of pollution also emerge in endlessly. As water pollution, air pollution, environmental pollution, soil pollution, and so on. And the development of science and technology bring us rapid convenient at the same time, also bring us another injury, electronic waste electronic waste.

In the face of increasingly severe electronic waste on the environment caused by pollution, e-waste recycling processing equipment can be perfect to solve this problem. But there are many different kinds of electronic waste and electronic waste sorting treatment is very necessity.

How many categories of the Electronic waste?

1, utilizing lead-free solder, and no production technology of bromine flame retardant;

2, cathode rays, screen and liquid crystal display and dismantling, recycling and disposal of complete sets of equipment;

3, selecting and free-pollution disposal of electronic waste products, techniques and equipment;

4, home appliances and electronic products harmless or production of raw materials and production technology of low pollution;

5, abandoned in the refrigerator, air conditioner compressor containing fluorine refrigerant, oil recovery technology and equipment, etc.

Electronic waste processing method of science is very important, it is to protect the environment, promote the sustainable development of the society has very important significance.