The global manufacturing 7 kg per capita e-waste in last year

Author:Suny Group

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, more powerful electronic products, update frequency to speed up, while we use also caused a large number of e-waste, according to the United Nations Organization recently published study shows that by 2017, global e-waste weight almost equivalent to the size of the Empire State Building 200, then it will increase more than 33 percent of e-waste, about 65.4 million metric tons.

Faced with the growing e-waste problem, the United Nations coordinated local governments, non-governmental organizations and scientific institutions launched the "e-waste problem solving Plan" (SolvingtheE-WasteProblemInitiative, StEP), after investigating the case for a global e-waste, We call upon the parties to address the seriousness of the issues, and work together to solve.

 StEP from 184 countries worldwide to collect relevant data show global production last year, nearly 48.9 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic products, equivalent to the global average manufacturing 7 kg per person. Also pointed out that China and the US market up to two manufacturing electrical and electronic products, China last year produced about 11.1 million tonnes, the United States is about 10 million tonnes, but the US market deprecated new products faster, at about 9.4 million tonnes last year, manufacturing e-waste, China is about 7.3 million tonnes.

The report also examined the locations where e-waste exports, television, computers, mobile phone screens and the like are eliminated electrical and electronic products, and more is sent to Hong Kong, Central and South America, the Middle East and other places.