Developing countries are becoming the electronic waste processing plant of developed countries

Author:Suny Group

The United States last year produced weighed 29.8 kg per capita e-waste, is 5 times of China.

According to The Times of India reported, by discarding electronic waste such as television, computers and mobile phones, the UK last year produced almost 22 kilograms per capita e-waste, is six times higher than in India, everyone in India manufacturing of electronic waste is about 3 kg last year.

The UN says, the output of electronic waste may eventually arrived in India. The United Nations released the first global electronic waste distribution, the diagram shows that last year's global produced almost 48.9 million tonnes of waste electric and electronic products. In 48.9 million metric tons of electronic waste, waste mobile phone the proportion is the largest, followed by TV and computer monitors.

Based on current trends, the United Nations predicts that by 2017, a year of electronic waste will be 33% higher than the current, the weight of 65.4 million tons. This number is almost equivalent to 200 the Empire State Building or the sum total of 11 pyramids at giza, weight.

The most worrying is that developing countries are increasingly become the electronic waste plant of developed countries.

It is estimated that the global every day there will be 123000 metric tons of damaged, outdated or redundant electric and electronic products become e-waste after discarded. Most of the developed countries the e-waste exported to developing countries, such as China, India, Nigeria and other countries, developing countries are becoming the electronic waste plant of developed countries.