Incredible: 80% of the world e-waste exports to Asia

Author:Suny Group

The u.n. report noted that produce electronic waste a year of 20 million to 50 million tons. Around the world have produced 4000 tons of e-waste, every hour is equivalent to the weight of 1000 elephants.

According to statistics, the whole Europe is about 6 million tons. Japan's annual 18 million discarded appliances, weight in 600000 tons, it contains various metal reaches 100000 tons. There are about 15 million every year in China color TV, air conditioning, etc all scrap, and tens of millions of mobile phone.

A global electronic waste is rising at an annual rate of 3% to 8%, and will soon rise to more than 10%. Growing rapidly because, with the speeding up of the high-tech product update speed, electronic products use time more and more short, lead to electronic waste is also more and more.

Relevant statistics show that 80% of electronic waste are produced each year all over the world exports to Asia, and China become the worst-hit areas. Each year about 50% to 50% of electronic waste in the United States have been exported to Asia, mainly export to China. It is reported that about 40% of the UK is garbage treatment abroad, major exporter for China and Indonesia.

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