Electronic waste recycled instead of discarded

Author:Suny Group

On June 5, we ushered in the 44th world environment day, environmental protection concept already thorough popular feeling, but as the abundance of material life, especially the electronic waste increases every year. How to enjoy a new science and technology brings us convenient at the same time protect the environment, is the urgent problems facing humanity.

The status of the e-waste recycling in Germany and Japan

In 2014, Germany produced 1.8 million tons of electronic waste, of which 45% of recycling electronic waste is reasonable. That number is expected in 2019 will reach 65%. In Munich, five professional e-waste recycling companies set up collection points in the city, also unconditional acceptance of all the garbage recycling waste electronic products.

In Japan, 2001 began to implement the electrical home appliances recycling law, discarded electronic products will face fines. Japan's major telecom operators and mobile phone manufacturers also formed a "mobile phone recycling network", implement the "from commodity to commodity" virtuous circle.

The United Nations deputy secretary-general Malone David Malone Said: worldwide, e-waste constitutes a valuable 'urban mines'. At the same time, a part of the electronic waste harmful constituted a toxic mine, have to be careful management.

Recycling of waste electronic products, not only bring us a reasonable material rewards, is also an active lifestyle.

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