Plagued by foreign electronic waste in Nigeria

Author:Suny Group

Trapped in the present situation of electronic waste in Nigeria the darkness behind exposure reveals the waste electrical appliance deals and the damage to the environment in Africa, further to show the world the foreign e-waste plight of Africa. The international community has called for, to cut off the e-waste trade way, protect the environment in Africa.

According to the American magazine "environmental health watch recently published titled" unfair trade: electronic waste sent to Africa, "the article, old appliances sold in Nigeria, there are 25-75% of electronic waste. Rural areas in Nigeria, everywhere can see substantial accumulation of electronic waste, the electronic waste is used to fill the swamp. When electronic garbage too high, they will burn, local residents complained about the resulting smoke. According to the analysis, some electronic waste by Nigeria to enter some landlocked countries in Africa.

Each month after Lagos port of shipping container with 500, each container can be loaded an average of 800 computer monitor or central processing unit (CPU), or 350 a big TV set. Calculated according to its capacity, only a month after Lagos port into the African continent the amount of electronic waste is equivalent to 100000 computers or central processing unit (CPU), or 44000 TV sets.

According to statistics, in Nigeria by shipping appliances sold computer village, unable to recycle waste rate up to 75%. Repair has a thriving market in Nigeria, but have no ability to deal with electronic waste, safety most electronic waste end up in landfills and dumps. This is a difficult problem, because these electronic waste with poison, many of which are loaded with potentially toxic metals, such as lead, cadmium and mercury. In addition, the electronic components usually have plastic packaging, combustion would send out a carcinogen dioxin and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Africa to information technology, but the manufacturing ability is limited, the mainland has become the world's waste disposal of the latest destination of electronic equipment, foreign e-waste is plagued with Nigeria.

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