Europe 65% e-waste is be illegal export or discarded

Author:Suny Group

According to Reuters, in most people's impression, western countries are very pay attention to environmental protection, can get effective recycling of waste batteries and household appliances. But the United Nations and the international police agency INTERPOL (INTERPOL), according to a survey released in Europe is not imagination of so perfect in the aspect of environmental protection.

Europe 65% e-waste is be illegal export or discarded

The survey shows that only a third of electronic waste in Europe got the proper recycling, most of the rest of waste electronic waste such as mobile phones, computers and TV are being exported to other countries or discarded. According to the report, the Swedish and Norwegian environmental protection degree is higher, the two countries close to reach Europe the goal of recycling 85% of waste electric and electronic products. Romania, Spain and Cyprus recycle only less than 20% of electronic waste.

European rules and regulations, the use of electricity or batteries, discarded electronic products must be effectively in order to reuse the metals such as gold and silver, and to avoid release to the environment of toxic materials such as lead and mercury. The continent in 2012 only 35% of electronic waste is properly recycled. Most e-waste shipped to Africa, was sold to the local people use after repair.

In Europe in 2012 produced 9.5 million tons of electronic waste, of which about 3.3 million tons of have the right of recovery. Only about 1.3 million tons have been exported to Europe, the rest are not illegal collection is to be thrown away.

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