Circuit board recycling equipment has a high market value

Author:Suny Group

The service life of all kinds of electronic products is limited, but people of these electronic products demand is huge, coupled with the electronic products are constantly updated, people has made the huge electronic waste for the society. So, circuit board recycling industry is significant.

Circuit board recycling equipment has a high market value

Studies show that the waste circuit board contains a lot of harmful heavy metals and other toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), etc. Waste circuit board has the very high collection value. Gongyi city, machinery developed waste circuit board recycling equipment and effective handling all types of waste circuit board, computer boards, TV board, sheet, printed circuit board can be processed.

The emergence of the circuit board recycling equipment be handling waste circuit board, a necessary equipment of success. This equipment adopts dry crushing, grinding, the waste circuit board, circuit board materials such as crushing, then adopts high voltage electrostatic separator separation, its high metal recovery, environmental protection, no secondary pollution. Waste circuit board recycling, waste circuit board recycling is by far the most ideal production lines.