The recovery and utilization of waste tires in the United States

Author:Suny Group

Since the invention of synthetic rubber and tire, the handling of waste tires has become a big problem to people. Modern tyre is composed of fiber and steel and different kinds of vulcanized rubber. The very solid rubber products are broken down into basic components, is a difficult thing.


The recovery and utilization of waste tires in the United States

Washington, recycled rubber (STMC) 1996 data provided by the management committee, waste tires for a total of 266 million sets; Recycling is 202 million sets, more than 75% of the total number is used as fuel is about 153 million sets; Rubber powder using 12.5 million sets; Civil engineering using 150 million sets; Mixed refining used the 8 million sets of new products; Exported 15 million sets; Agriculture using 2.5 million sets; Another 1 million interplanting other USES. The following three aspects: detail the scrap tire recycling and utilization.

Waste tires the most common method is used as the fuel

In early 1997, in the United States has 107 tires factory for fuel. Another 96 in the burning experiment. These places including cement, lime plant, paper and pulp plant, power plants, foundries and smelters. According to the epa test report submitted to Washington, with TDF tradition of gas emissions than burning fuel, like coal gas emissions. Will, of course, must be treated with chopped before TDF supply factory, easy to transport.

Agricultural use

Place of rubber powder were added to soil or grass roots, can protect the grass roots, stems not frost, help ventilation and drainage. This is the price of rubber powder more than twice as many other USES. In the United States, sold 2 million pounds in 1997, a year after will increase significantly.

The application of civil engineering

Replace the traditional building materials with waste tires start after setbacks in popularization and application. To America a group of experts in this field, some experts for more than 35 years of experience in technology. With waste tires alternative rock embankment. Subgrade filling material of waste tires is also used as a light, wall reinforcement, prevent pavement under freezing, filtering and bottom plate of gas storage system and residential septic tank water bed. Chop tyre is often used. The length can be cut into two or three inches block. In different USES, direction of civil engineering are usually need each piece of not less than two inches.

In the United States, with some patents expire, mixture paving technique get more extensive application. Rubber powder paving industry has great potential. The industry to promote development of more advanced, more effective waste tire processing equipment. So that the builder when choosing waste rubber powder as a paving material more competitive ability than other materials selected, 1800 ~ 20 million sets of tires were used for this purpose.

American experience and technology of waste tyre recycling can provide us with a lot of valuable experience in recycling, develop their way of waste tyre recycling.