Aluminum-plastic recycling line development prospect

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum-plastic material widely used in food factory, pharmaceutical factory, and many other industries the packing of the products. And the dosage in increasing year by year, the waste materials, scrap also will increase. Because aluminium and plastic stick together, cannot be used for aluminium, also can't produce recycled plastic, can only be waste incineration, environmental pollution and waste of resources.


Aluminum-plastic recycling line development prospect

Aluminum-plastic recycling line well solved the problem, this equipment adopts mechanical separation, but success will aluminum-plastic separation, and separate high purity aluminum powder, and no secondary pollution. Achieved high economic benefits. The emergence of aluminum-plastic separation equipment enabled us to reduce the waste of aluminum and plastic resin. Using recycled aluminum because of their small density, light texture, the characteristics of the conductive thermal conductivity is good, is widely used in aircraft, automobile manufacturing, such as wire and cable industry, radiator cooking utensils, etc.; While recycled resin material can be used for car decoration, photocopiers, fax machines, office equipment shell, etc., also can make all kinds of handicrafts.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line to make full use of waste resources, and satisfy the current environmental protection market gap, to cater to the market demand,its broad prospects.

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