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Circuit board recycling form a green industrial chain

Time:2015-11-13 15:39 Author:Suny Group

Circuit board recycling form a green industrial chain

Circuit board recycling form a green industrial chain,Waste electronic circuit board is also "the second resource", to be developed for containing a large number of metals into called "urban mining". According to expert introduction, metallic taste of circuit board is much higher than ordinary mineral taste of metal, metal content as high as 40%, the largest is copper, and gold, aluminum, nickel, lead, silicon metal, etc.

1 t circuit board can be isolated from 0.9 kg, 29.6 kg, 29.6 kg of copper and gold a small amount of palladium, platinum and other precious metals. Zhejiang phonic in absorbing advanced technology both at home and abroad on the basis of independent innovation, research and development success in waste electronic circuit board superfine mill and waste electronic circuit board of high voltage electrostatic separator for key equipment recycling processing complete sets of equipment, so as to effectively solve the separation of metal and nonmetal collective waste circuit board, separation and recycling of many metal and metal materials of high value, make use of this technical problem, make the electronic waste into a valuable resource, be fully used.

Circuit board recycling line system Features:

1. Adopting the advanced physical method of separation of recycling process cycle

2. Using the high voltage electrostatic separation technology, high precision, ensure the metal recovery rate reached 98%, the key technology is a special prize for all kinds of waste circuit board crushing dissociation equipment organic union, in the process of production to achieve greater energy saving effect, and achieve the higher metal separation rate, processing waste PCB unit energy consumption per ton is only about half of the domestic like product.

3.complete sets of equipment of machine capacity of up to 5 tons

Circuit board recycling form a green industrial chain,The number of electronic waste is very big, but very little for recycling factory, this is a very good investment projects. If you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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