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Mechanical method Circuit board recycling machine

Time:2015-11-16 16:10 Author:Suny Group

Mechanical method Circuit board recycling machine,By physical method processing equipment and technology of the recycling of waste printed circuit boards, mainly including broken reconciliation from waste printed circuit board, with dry and wet separation technique to separate metals and nonmetals. Study found that broken to 1.2 mm, the waste mainboard can disintegrate, basic broken product contains about 6% of copper and other metals, 76% 18% of nonmetal; Copper are mainly distributed in < 0.5 mm powder, metal mainly in > 0.5 mm in the graded; High frequency pneumatic separator can effectively separate the non-metal and metal.

Printed circuit board (PCB) is mainly used in computers, mobile phones, consumer electronics and telecommunication products, etc. With the development of economy and information technology, PCB industry is developing rapidly in the world, every year to scrap circuit boards also increased year by year.

Waste circuit board is a typical electronic waste, landfill takes up a lot of space, when the metal and polymer under natural conditions is very difficult to degrade organic matter and harmful elements enter the environment through water, atmosphere, soil, and potentially to the human health and ecological environment, long-term and irreversible damage.

Mechanical method Circuit board recycling machine has the advantages of low investment, low environmental pollution, etc, is a chemical, fire, pyrolysis method smelting processing technology, is the development trend of electronic waste management. But the lack of technology and equipment for the system, recycle ratio is low, an urgent need to strengthen the related theory, technology and equipment research.

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