Who solved the problem of "black pollution"

Author:Suny Group

Who solved the problem of "black pollution"? Waste tires is insoluble or difficult soluble polymer materials, known as "black pollution". Global scrap tire scrap amount is larger, but the basic not fully recycled. For now, for the processing of waste tires into production of rubber powder, tire pyrolysis plan, old tires refurbished, etc.

Along with the use of rubber products at home and abroad, waste rubber pollution problem has already become the important issue of concern, and waste rubber mainly from scrap tires, at present, the high-speed development of the domestic transportation has made waste tires the rate is increasing, how to realize the waste rubber recycling and utilization of resources is of great significance to sustainable development of rubber industry.

For some countries cannot produce rubber or rubber production is low, can undertake tyre rubber powder recycling way, not only solve the environmental problem, and solved the problem of insufficient supply of collagen. For the low oil production or no production, rubber production more countries can use tyre oil refining.