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High Separation Rate Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

High Separation Rate Cable Wire Recycling Machine,Cable wire recycling machine (also called Copper Wire Granulator )  is through  crush the scrap wire and separate the copper and plastic skin.Dry-type processing, no water at the processing and no dust and no secondary pollution. Cable wire recycling machine is the overall modular structure, easy installation and commissioning, and transportation, and stable performance.

High Separation Rate Cable Wire Recycling Machine Features:

1. Diameter Range of Wires Processed: 0.5-25mm.

2. Purity of Granules: 99%. 

3. Mounted on common steel base for easy portability.

4. Easy to move, place and install.

5. Environment-frIendly with dust collection system.

6. No water is needed for the processing.

We mainly engaged in electronic waste recycling environmental protection equipment, have a variety of different specifications of cable wire recycling machine, can be ordered according to their own needs, we also have the most advanced electrostatic separation device, improve the recovery and purity, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information can contact us or leave a message to us.

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