Value of the circuit board recycling line

Author:Suny Group

Many people know the environmental performance of waste circuit board, today just to get to know the value of the old circuit board recycling equipment, understanding just how the old circuit board recycling equipment value.

From waste home appliance recycling of scrap steel instead of new steel is obtained by mining, transportation, refining, can reduce 97% of the mine waste, reduce 86% of air pollution, 76% of the water pollution; 40% reduction in water consumption, saving 90% of the raw materials, 74% of its energy, and scrap steel and the performance of the new steel basic same. Abandoned PCB contains abundant recyclable materials, including precious metals, plastics, glass, etc.

In the electronic waste most of the components can be recycled. Such as dismantling 200000 old appliances, can recycle all kinds of metal, 4100 tons, 1300 tons of plastic, glass, 640 tons; Processing 1 ton chip circuit board can be broken down in the 130 kg of copper, 20 kg tin, 0.4 kg of gold. To resolve the copper and precious metals, can be sent to metal smelter as raw material; Other such as glass fiber and resin can also be used as fiber reinforced material or packing; Its waste can also be used for building materials.

Circuit board recycling line adopted dry crushing, grinding, make circuit board materials such as metal and resin fiber powder mixture, then the metal and resin by high voltage electrostatic separator etc. Nonmetal separation process is obtained. Electronic waste as resources, contains many precious resources, for electronic waste reuse, recycling is important to solve the problem of resource shortage and environmental pollution, etc.