Scrap mobile phone refining gold has huge value

Author:Suny Group

According to British media reported on August 17, in recent years due to the speed of mobile phone upgrade, extracting valuable gold from the mobile phone has become the European mobile phone recycling experts dedicated to the topic research.

Last month, the European Union environment commissioner, has highlighted the hiding large amounts of gold in the smartphone's point of view. At the same time advocating old smartphone recycling and refining, hoping to draw more attention and development "from old phone refining gold" of the industry.

Many people don't know, every mobile phone was lost with gold. Electronic waste released UN report that only need 35 mobile phone can be refined to 1 gram of gold. In a more astonishing, more image, a ton of old cell phone (not including the weight of the battery) can extract of about 300 grams of gold by precious metals recycling machine. We advocate the whole European construction waste to form a society. Every year around the world all waste materials, actually can produce 600 million tons of materials circulation economic benefits. Old phone refined gold, computer motherboards refining gold and CPU refining gold all electronic waste refining can be refined gold, silver and other precious metals.