Several methods of waste electronic products recycling

Author:Suny Group

More and more electronic products changed people's life habit, has brought people convenience, electronic product update is becoming more and more quickly, the old digital products and where should they go? Old electronic products handled really has become a big problem, elimination of outdated products at home is not much use, discarded and feel pity, not only caused serious waste of resources, will cause harm to ecological environment.

Several methods of waste electronic products recycling

Government organization to recycle

According to a UN report predicts that by 2020 the number of the old computer will be more than twice as many as 2007, seven times discarded mobile phones will grow, but at present the government organization form of discarded electronic devices is still in the minority.

Waste electronics recycling company

Now all countries in the world there are a lot of waste electronics recycling company, they recycle many electronic products, such as mobile phones, MP3, computer, etc., they through the shell dismantling, electronic components dismantling, PCB circuit board recycling, precious metal extraction and so on, can get lots of precious metals, to use again.

Sold to others

Current network developed, many people put their used electronics for sale online, this is also a good way.

Art creation

A lot of people don't want to lose of waste electronic products with them for many years, some artists are through art processing method to the radio, behind of mobile phones, desktop computers, etc., as decorations at home or store decoration, has distinguishing feature very much.