Mobile phone recycling method-Recycling waste mobile phone refining of precious metals

Author:Suny Group

As each year the world's biggest brand mobile phone constantly update iteration, some old scrap or outdated mobile phone will be discarded. According to incomplete statistics Europe a year alone more than 7.2 billion mobile phones were discarded, so so so many mobile phone into a waste? These old cell phone is actually a huge mineral resources, mobile phone is contained inside material very much, such as copper, silver, gold and precious metals. Is a German company specialized in recycling the waste mobile phone to refine metal, this is a huge wealth!

The company collection every month more than 6000 various kinds of mobile phone, then remove the inside of the mobile phone circuit board all out. All of the valuable metals hidden in the circuit board.

Circuit board after remove out to them in mechanical grinding ingredients, then use a special kind of ionization tool to different metal separation inside, then add be smelted in a furnace.

After completion of smelting, these different metals can be made pieces of metal into the mould. These different metal plate and will be sent to other places for processing or sell directly.

Smelting good copper, it is hard to imagine some originally or disused mobile phone after processing to return the available metal, if not the mobile phone recycling extracting, once in nature can cause the pollution of hard to imagine. We all know that metal pollution is very harmful.