Investment-profit analysis of copper wire granulator machine

Author:Suny Group

The copper wire granulator is designed according to various wires and cables. Whether it is used wire or ultra-fine wire, the metal and plastic can be separated. It’s a type of Environmentally-friendly mechanical equipment used to crush used wires, circuit wires, miscellaneous wires, communication lines,and to get the separation of copper and plastic. It is also a waste recycling facility. Saying about that, I believe that many customers would ask, is the investment in copper wire granulator machine profitable or not?

Processed by the copper wire granulator machine, copper and plastic are completely separated. The price of  only the plastic we get is more than 2000 RMB/Ton. The price of copper metal is determined according to the purity, usually no less than 4500RMB/Ton

Generally speaking, every ton of waste scrap wire contains about 40% copper, like copper market price is about 45,000RMB per ton, and the recovrey rate is 40%, then the profit value is 18,000 RMB from per ton scrap cable wires, and the market price of waste miscellaneous wire is generally 6000RMB per ton. From these numbers, you could see how is the profit the copper wire recycling machine could bring you.

And the copper recycling rate of our copper wire granulator machine is no less than 99%, which can guarantee the quality of copper quality. The use of copper wire granulator machine saves resources, protects the environment, and recycles valuable resources. 

Is there any profit in investing in copper wire granulator machine? The answer is sure. Customers who want to purchase copper wire granulator machine should consult at first, we’ll provide you the best solution.