What is waste circuit board recycling equipment?

Author:Suny Group

Waste circuit board circuit boards are the foundation of the electronics industry. Circuit boards exist in almost all electronic products, from computers and televisions to electronic toys. At present, China has entered the peak period of home appliance elimination and scrapping. If not properly handled and disposed of, it will not only cause a large loss of useful resources. It can cause serious harm to the environment and human health. “Waste circuit board” is not “waste”, but “second resource” to be developed, which has high recycling value. The successful development of waste circuit board recycling equipment has made "electronic waste" a "renewable resource".

Circuit board recycling equipment is developed in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. The equipment adopts advanced physical recovery process; the crusher and high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment developed by the company are innovative, and the resource-based processing route is advanced and reasonable. The equipment can mechanically pulverize and recycle all kinds of waste printed circuit boards, processing wastes and waste electrical appliances. The metal recovery rate is high, and the purity of recycled metals is as high as 98%.

Circuit board recycling equipment is a device with environmentally friendly performance. It is very widely used in our life. So what are the applications that need to be applied to circuit board recycling equipment? Next, the board recycling equipment manufacturers summarized some of the contents you can look at.

Circuit board recycling equipment is mainly used for circuit board recycling,  waste circuit boards, recycling of used circuit boards. The circuit board recycling equipment produced by our company is mainly used for the recycling of these two aspects of waste circuit boards and line springboards. It is an environmentally-friendly circuit board recycling equipment, which is in full compliance with national environmental quality standards, and has obtained production and invention patents for circuit board recycling equipment.