How is the easy homemade wire stripping machine working process?

Author:Suny Group

Easy homemade wire stripping machine is used to recover copper and aluminium from copper wire and aluminium wire. At first, the crusher grind the wire to be granules. At this time, pvc has already off from core, but the they are mixed together. Mixture of pvc granules and copper granules are conveyed to air separator, where pvc and metal core are separated. So we get copper granules and plastic granules separately.

Easy homemade wire stripping machine Advantages:

1. The appropriate structure and layout, easy to install.

2. Double roller crusher, low speed, high tear produce large output noise.

3. The rotor grinder alternately, leading to more efficient, faster discharge, lower noise and more stable operation.

4. The separation rate can reach at least 99%. Filter can prevent leakage, dust collection coefficient can reach 99.99%.

Easy homemade wire stripping machine Applied materials:

1.Can crush the household wire, telephone wire, computer wire, automotive wire and cables within 0.1-30mm into granulator.

2.Adopt Dry-type processing, no water and no secondary pollution at the processing prcedure .

3.Easy homemade wire stripping machine crush the waste wire/cable firstly,then the copper will be separated from PVC plastic by this machine automatically and to achieve the comprehensive utilization of purpose, with a higher economic efficiency.

4.Easy homemade wire stripping machine is the overall modular structure, easy installation and commissioning,and transportation (customer purchases power can be produced), and stable performance.