The Significant Features of Waste Aluminum-Plastic Recycling Plant

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum-Plastic recycling plant is mainly used for recycling and separation of various kinds of aluminum tubes, aluminum-plastic bottle caps, aluminum-plastic plates, soft packings and pharmaceutical blisters.

For years, our group has advanced technology , professional R&D team and perfect sales services system. Our aluminum-plastic recycling plant adopts the most advanced technology. We also can provide the best service all around the world. 

1.The whole process is physical separation without heating, burning, water and chemical. So the whole aluminum-plastic line is environmental and no pollution.

2.All this recycling process with the advantages of easy installation, low aluminum-plastic separation cost, high efficiency and the separation rate can reach more than 99.8%.

3.The whole production line is operated with mechanical automation, which only needs 1-2 people to operate, reducing human resource consumption.

4. This aluminum-plastic recycling plant has a wide application and variety of assembly methods, this line can be adapted to different venues.