Electronic waste contains a large number of precious metals

Author:Suny Group

 Eliminated along with the increase of people's living standard, household electric and electronic products: more and more big to TV, stereo, DVD players, computers, small to mobile phones, walkman, MP3 / MP4, etc. So the problem of recycling is imminent, these waste electrical products is increasing growth on the environment of the different aspects of the problem.

Data shows, according to a report recycling scrap the CPU in a computer, radiator, hard drives and other components are rich in copper, silver, gold and precious metals such as aluminum; Computer housing, power cord, keyboard, mouse is rich in copper and plastic. , according to a study by circuit board recycling line, precious metal recycling machine, e-waste recycling equipment, one ton of circuit board, can be isolated from about 130 kilograms of copper, 0.45 kg, 20 kg tin gold.

Contained in the waste electric and electronic products of metals, precious metals, in particular, is a natural mineral deposits of dozens of times and even hundreds, and the cost of recycling generally lower than mining ore.

Now countries are introduced for the recycling of waste electrical appliance subsidy policy, encourage everyone in the electronic waste recycling industry, not only can get high yields, but also can make contributions to the protection of the environment.