Electric waste PCB circuit board recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

Electric waste PCB circuit board recycling machine,First of all, through the molten tin furnace equipment will circuit board of the heat sink, high-frequency first-class large components removed, then USES the components of automatic cutting equipment will board remaining components separated from cutting of printed circuit board (PCB) substrate. Circuit board baseplate can be introduced into circuit with waste frame material such as integration of high efficiency crushing separation equipment, can be recycled fine copper powder respectively (contain small amounts of tin, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc.) and non-metallic powder.

Electric waste PCB circuit board recycling machine main equipment:

Electronic components removal equipment, components of automatic cutting equipment, circuit boards and high efficiency grinding separation integration equipment

Electric waste PCB circuit board recycling machine Advantage:

1, using dry physical recycling method and closed negative pressure conveying, without dust leakage. Is the national key support and give priority of environmental protection equipment;

2, nonmetal powder after modification treatment can be used as filling material should be in modified asphalt, plastic and rubber industry, etc;

3, equipment failure rate is low, and easy maintenance.

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