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Physical processing PCB circuit board recycling equipment plant

Author:Suny Group

Physical processing PCB circuit board recycling equipment plant,PCB circuit board recycling equipment plant is mainly processing waste circuit board, circuit board components, waste of waste electrical and electronic equipment such as metal separation of waste circuit board, mainly through the crusher and metal plastic separation, no burning, no waste water emissions, in line with international standards, no harm to workers, is the very good e-waste recycling scheme.

Physical processing PCB circuit board recycling equipment plant Advantages:

1. Low noise, no need water, no dust pollution

2. Metal high separation rate, as high as 99%

3. Save electricity, save manpower

4. There is no waste

Raw materials can be crushed and separated are: waste printed circuit boards, kinds of Aluminum-plastic composite panels, food-packaging bags, toothpaste tubes, plastic bottle caps, aluminum foil papers, metals mineral processing, etc. and the separation effect is obvious.

The circuit board recycling equipment rate of metal is high.The nonferrous metals such as copper,stannum etc and the precious metals such as molybdenum,gold,silver etc in waste printed circuit board all can be recycled.So it has large social and economic importance to recycle them.

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