The processing technology of waste circuit board recycling equipment is relatively mature

Author:Suny Group

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, electronic products have rapidly spread to the hands of thousands of households and everyone. Due to the development of science and technology, the renewal cycle of electronic products is getting shorter and shorter, and the speed of elimination is getting faster and faster. The increasingly serious electronic waste pollution has directly or indirectly harmed our living environment. Waste circuit board recycling equipment has relatively mature technology for processing electronic waste, and there are no technical obstacles to recycling. Mining electronic waste "mines" has become a reality.

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Line

The waste circuit board recycling equipment adopts green environmental protection separation technology to efficiently recycle the metal in the waste circuit board to realize the recycling and reuse of resource materials. The purity of the recycled metal products can reach more than 90%, and the recycled flame retardant products can be directly used in the production of circuit board raw materials. The by-products are processed at the same time during the process, so that there is no residual waste in the entire production process.

The high-pressure static separation method of waste circuit board recycling equipment has high automation procedures and low production noise. It is an automated production equipment that integrates crushing and dust removal, copper-plastic separation, and aluminum-plastic separation. The electrostatic separator implements automatic control, and the whole production process is physically separated and environmentally friendly. . The successful research and development has solved the environmental pollution and resource waste caused by "incineration of copper" and "water powder washing of copper". It can also improve the quality of recycled copper, and can recycle plastics, so as to achieve the purpose of waste recycling. A highly efficient and environmentally friendly resource recycling equipment.

At present, the recycling and processing of waste circuit boards has become an industry, which has far-reaching significance for social development. Recycling waste circuit boards can reduce resource waste, environmental pollution and other issues. Welcome to leave a message!