Waste wire and cable crushing and recycling production line process

Author:Suny Group

The copper rice machine can recycle copper and plastics through the recycling of various electric cables. It is a renewable resource and environmental protection equipment. The copper rice machine equipment is used to put waste cables into the machine by manual or belt conveying, and the equipment runs automatically. Operation, through crushing, smashing, dust removal to specific gravity for sorting, the copper can be separated, and it can be used for different sources of waste electric cables, including automobile wires, motorcycle wires, high-voltage wires, household wires and other waste and miscellaneous wires. Physical separation is carried out. In addition, the waste and miscellaneous lines of the waste dismantling market, the building and rural reconstruction line, and the automobile light line can also be directly sorted and separated.

The process of waste wire and cable crushing and recycling production line is first equipped with an automatic feeding machine to replace manual feeding, and an auxiliary automatic feeding device, which saves a lot of manpower and time. The material conveyed by the conveyor, that is, the feeding machine, enters the cable crusher ( Cable shearing machine), through the cutting method, the size of the screen can be automatically controlled to adjust the length of the material after the material is cut.

At the same time, the copper and the wire skin are cut and separated by shearing, and then set (conveyor) through the screw conveyor to the specific gravity sorting facility. The specific gravity sorting facility is an environmentally friendly gravity sorting produced by German technology and independent research and development technology. The facility can use the principle of vibrating wind pressure to separate copper and plastic by using the difference in specific gravity. Among them, the front discharge port of the specific gravity sorting facility is copper discharge, and the rear discharge is light plastic material.