What is important for a set of waste tire processing equipment?

Author:Suny Group

Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

1. Stability is determined by design. The design of the machine is very important if a waste tire processing equipment is to be used smoothly by most customers.

2. Durability. The material and production process indicators of each component are iron in their eyes for people who don’t understand this industry. They are all iron because they don’t understand machines. They only think that rollers, boosters. The materials and machining accuracy of such parts as roller shafts, rolling bearings, shaft ends, etc. will directly determine the service life of the machine. This is the so-called iron that is invisible to customers. The poor quality of electrical appliances, motors, belts, etc. will also cause them to have endless problems in subsequent production, and they all look the same. This is also invisible to them.

3. The quality of the products, technology and the quality of the machine itself. No matter how good a product is, it will basically become a pile of iron without technical support. Therefore, only a high-tech person with technical strength can make a good-quality waste tire processing equipment make full use of its efficiency, so that customers can really learn the technology to use the machine well and create greater benefits.

4. Production volume of waste tire processing equipment. The decision is basically determined by the technical strength of the machine design and technical staff.

How much does the whole set of waste tire processing equipment cost?

After the waste tire treatment equipment is used in competition, many customers have already chosen small and medium-sized crushing production lines to generate profits, and they have chosen to add crushed waste tire production lines to the construction of the crushing waste tire production line. In this way, the choice of manufacturers seems to be very important. No middleman, not too expensive, perfect service, solid quality, and energy saving. These requirements have become important criteria for customers when choosing. Not every manufacturer can ensure advanced casting machine technology.