Green and efficient crushing and sorting process for circuit board recycling equipment

Author:Suny Group

The circuit board recycling equipment adopts a full physical method to optimize the combined crushing-gravity-electricity separation process to achieve efficient circuit board crushing and effective separation of metal and non-metal. The combination of coarse crushing, medium crushing, grinding, and screening and classification processes can Greatly improve the efficiency of the grinder, reduce the load on the grinder, and achieve energy saving effects. At the same time, can extend the key components of the crusher and grinderLife. Re-separation and electro-separation combined processes are used to separate metal and non-metals from metal powders containing impurities such as organic matter, which greatly reduces the organic content in the metal powder.

circuit board recycling equipment

The circuit board recycling process uses a circuit board shredder for mechanical crushing and a new process of high-voltage electrostatic separation. Disassembly, crushing, and separation of waste circuit boards from non-metals. The high recycling value of waste printed circuit boards. For various types of waste circuit boards, computer boards, television boards, aluminum-plastic boards, copper-clad boards, Printed circuit boards can be processed. Dry crushing and crushing have been adopted to make raw materials such as waste circuit boards, waste circuit boards, scrap circuit boards, and waste circuit boards into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder.

Then, the high-voltage electrostatic separator is used to separate metal from non-metal such as resin.

E-waste is a valuable resource. It is of great significance to strengthen the research and application of metal recycling technology for e-waste from both an economic and environmental perspective. Due to the complex and diverse characteristics of electronic waste, it is difficult to recover the metals from any technology alone. The development trend of future electronic waste treatment technology should be: industrialization of treatment forms, greater resource recovery, and scientific treatment technology .