Manufacturers of electrostatic aluminum-plastic membrane separation equipment

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum-plastic film generally refers to aluminum-plastic composite materials such as aluminum foil composite film, medicinal aluminum-plastic composite film, etc., which can be said to be very common in our daily life. So, can those waste aluminum-plastic films be recycled and reused? ?

aluminum-plastic separation equipment

The answer is yes, because the aluminum-plastic material film contains aluminum and plastic, that is, metal and non-metal, then we can separate them by static electricity. The separation stage in the development process of the actual aluminum-plastic separation equipment production line is exactly Using this, an electrostatic separator is manufactured, which can efficiently separate aluminum and plastic. The degree of separation can reach more than 99%, and the aluminum powder can be directly sold for secondary sales.

The electrostatic separator is also called a high-voltage electrostatic separator, which uses aluminum and plastic to have different electrical properties in a high-voltage electric field to achieve the purpose of sorting. When the high-voltage electric field is reached during the period, it is affected by electricity, gravity and centrifugal force, which makes it Different falling trajectories are formed under different stress conditions, and finally the aluminum powder and the plastic powder are completely separated.

In the production and manufacture of aluminum-plastic separation equipment, after many years of research and development, SUNY GROUP has produced electrostatic aluminum-plastic membrane separation equipment with the advantages of high efficiency, stability, safety, and high cost performance. It performs targeted sorting according to different materials of customers. And become the core manufacturers in this field.