Waste Aluminum and Plastic Recycling Process

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum-plastic separation is an industry that can bring sustainable benefits and provide sustainable development. This industry has been gradually developed. The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment is a low-input and high-output which is suitable for China's national condition which has the characteristics of green environmental protection and new environmental protection. The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment fully recycles industrial waste, which not only saves a lot of material resources, but also protects the environment and produces considerable economic benefits.

The aluminum-plastic separation equipment can separate and recycle various aluminum-plastic panels, waste aluminum-plastics, food packaging bags, milk bags, toothpaste bags, bottle caps, scraps of aluminum-plastic panels, used or discarded medicine boards of pharmaceutical companies (hospitals), etc. Aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment can avoid environmental pollution and recycle aluminum foil and plastic film in waste aluminum film, which is a way to turn waste into treasure. The aluminum-plastic separating equipment adopts the advanced dry mechanical recycling process. The equipment such as aluminum-plastic separator, shredder and electrostatic separator are innovative, and the resource-based processing route is advanced and reasonable. It adopts multi-machine combination structure, one-time feeding, multi-machine completion, with automatic conveying, sound insulation, cooling system, etc., to achieve separation and recovery of metal and plastic, and high-voltage electrostatic separation technology, the metal recovery rate is higher. The metal recovery rate is over 98%. Advanced dust removal devices are also used to protect the environment. Therefore, the aluminum and the plastic can be completely separated, and the comprehensive utilization purpose is achieved, which has high economic benefits. And no dust and no secondary pollution. In the manufacture of equipment, we strictly observe the quality and ensure the quality of the equipment is guaranteed.