Aluminum Plastic Electrostatic Sorting Machine Price

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum plastic electrostatic sorting machine is a professional separation of aluminum and plastic equipment, its separation effect is good, the sorting rate can reach more than 99.8%, then what is the price of aluminum plastic electrostatic sorting machine? At present, the price of aluminum-plastic electrostatic sorting machines fluctuates greatly, and most of the prices are determined by the specifications, output, and technology of the equipment.

Aluminum-plastic electrostatic sorting machine is mainly used for conductors and non-conductors, minerals, grinding wheels and so on. The metal and non-metal mixture particles are separated. Aluminum plastic waste recycling equipment, copper plastic waste recycling equipment, waste circuit board recycling equipment, copper wire recycling machine supporting products, mineral sorting, carbonaceous material extraction, etc.

The working principle of the aluminum-plastic electrostatic sorting machine: due to the difference in the chargeability of the material, the conductor is thrown into the upper and lower discharge ports by rotating the roller, the non-conductor enters the lower discharge port, and some materials that are not sorted clearly enter the static electricity distribution again. Sorting machines for sorting ensures high sorting rates.

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum-plastic electrostatic sorting machine, Zhengzhou Asia-Pacific Energy Environmental Protection Technology manufactures aluminum-plastic electrostatic sorting machine with high sorting precision, automatic discharge function, pressure regulating function and dust removal function to ensure the performance and safety of equipment.