Characteristics of Environmentally Friendly Aluminum-plastic Separation Equipment

Author:Suny Group

With the development of the times, aluminum-plastic materials in various fields of human life have been widely used, but they have not been properly recycled. The waste aluminum-plastic processing equipment developed by our company can be applied to aluminum-plastic composite panels including decorative materials, aluminum-plastic panel undercuts, aluminum-plastic tubes, medicine boards, composite aluminum-plastic wires, toothpaste skins, Wahaha bottle caps, composite aluminum-plastic seals, etc. Crushing and separation of aluminum-plastic composite materials.

1. Waste aluminum-plastic recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic separator) can completely separate aluminum and plastic, and achieve comprehensive utilization purposes, with high economic benefits. And no dust and no secondary pollution.

2. The equipment is combined with multi-machine structure, one feeding, multiple machines, with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc., to achieve metal and plastic separation and recovery work.

3. Waste aluminum-plastic recycling equipment has the characteristics of low noise, large output and strong innovation. The aluminum-plastic waste aluminum such as aluminum-plastic composite board recovered by the aluminum-plastic separator can maintain the quality of the original aluminum, and can recycle the advantages of plastics, etc., and can generate large economic benefits.

4. Aluminum-plastic recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic separator/aluminum-plastic separation equipment) adopts high-voltage electrostatic separation technology, and its metal recovery rate is higher, and the metal recovery rate is over 98%.

5. The equipment also adopts the three-in-one dust removal device independently developed by our company. The dust removal device has three levels of dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, which effectively solves the dust pollution problem.