Bangkok Cited as the Latest Hub of Gold Smuggling

Author:Suny Group

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital has emerged as the new hub of gold smuggling, replacing Gulf nations. The gold smuggling incidents reported at various airports in India suggest that the gold were smuggled via Bangkok.

According to authorities, the tight security and surveillance mechanisms recently implemented at airports in the Gulf region might have prompted smugglers to shift their base to Bangkok, where security mechanisms are way behind comparable to other airports. Also, the smuggled gold sourced from Bangkok conforms to same standards as the gold which used to come from Middle East, authorities noted.

In a gold seizure incident reported at the Jaipur International Airport, two passengers from Bangkok were detained for allegedly carrying smuggled gold by concealing them in the sole of their footwear. The seized gold weighed around 1.8 kilograms. The passengers were supposed to deliver the gold to agents in Jaipur.

In October this year, Customs officials at the airport had arrested a passenger for carrying nearly half-a-kilogram gold from Bangkok. The smuggled gold was found concealed in a garland, Customs officials said. During the same month, two passengers from Bangkok were caught for smuggling approximately 2 kilograms of gold.

Earlier in August too, nearly 1.6 kilograms of smuggled gold were seized from 4 passengers who arrived at the same airport from Bangkok. The gold was found hidden in bangles, chains and watches.