Waste tire recycling machine-Zhengyang

Author:Suny Group

Waste tire recycling mache Specifications

1.Pulling the steel from the tire
2.Higher efficiency
3.Safer operation
4.Less power-consumption

Waste tire recycling machine consists of motor, hydraulic system, drawing hook, drawing hook, drawing and main part, ect. Its basic principle is: Driven hydraulic system and made the cylinder work by the motor to make the drawing hook linked the cylinders pull pole reciprocate motion. Put the tire on the drawing mouth and jut the drawing hook out the drawing mouth to hook steel wire of tire bead, then turn on the start button, Because of the strong pulling force of the cylinder, so can pull out the whole steel wire. Meanwhile the rubber part of tire is teared because of the drawing mouth block it. Thus get the effect of separating smoothly.

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