waste tire recycling plant can made 40-100mesh rubber powder

Author:Suny Group

Rubber Powder Production Line at Ambient Temperature(rubber powder production line, rubber powder production, rubber processing)

Rubber Powder Production Line At Ambient Temperature:
Waste Rubber (Waste Tires) → Tire Cutter → Tire Wire Extractor → Tire Crusher → Rubber Coarse Crusher → Steel Magnet Separator → Linear Vibrating Screen → Fine Rubber Shredder → Linear Vibrating Screen → Classifier → Rubber Storage Bin → Rubber Grinder → Linear Vibrating Screen → Auto Bag-filter
A: Granulate waste tires into rubber powder of 40-100 mesh, and automatically separate steel wire, fiber and nylon completely through magnet separator and vibrating screen at normal temperature.
B:Compact structure, small space and easy maintenance.
C: Low energy consumption and good cost performance.
D: Automatic control, higher operation stability, and lower labor intensity.
E: No polluted water, waste gas and waste residue in the whole process.
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