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No pollution refrigerator/freezer disassembling recycling line

Author:Suny Group

No pollution refrigerator/freezer disassembling recycling line,Machine's main function is used to recovery from the life out of the fridge, because the refrigerator containing a large number of harmful substances, so the traditional recycling method is not applicable, we provide the system of recycling operation and CFC refrigerator, pentane gas or liquid, in order to prevent the harmful substances to evaporate into the atmosphere, to achieve the most effective recycling of solid materials. The complete refrigerator recovery system including from pre-cut to separate materials.

No pollution refrigerator/freezer disassembling recycling line,Recycling freezers, we pay much attention to climate harmful material collection of coolant, the compressor and insulating materials. Coolant is linked together, extracted and stored in the refrigerator and even into the processing equipment. In the refrigerator compressor recycling oil is extracted and stored in suitable containers. Compressor itself completely demolished, recovery at a later date. After the refrigerator into the division and automatic material taxon of plastic, steel and insulation materials respectively reutilisation intercepted and preparation.

No pollution refrigerator/freezer disassembling recycling line, also USES the concentration of dust removing and activated carbon filter gas treatment, crushing and classification processing of perfection. In addition, the system controlled by PLC, real-time monitoring. With the characteristics of low energy consumption, large capacity, economy, low maintenance cost and good effect, etc.

At present due to the rapid development of science and technology, the world will eliminate a large amount of large household appliances such as refrigerators, their recycling is also a promising investment projects, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information can contact us.

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