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High quality plastic single shaft shredder

Author:Suny Group

High quality plastic single shaft shredder,Single shaft shredder is mainly used for crushing all kinds of solid materials, it is difficult to control the material, plastic containers and barrels, plastic film, plastic pipe, fiber paper and normal crusher can't handle.

High quality plastic single shaft shredder features:

1. The special design of the runner bulk materials, such as heavy wall plastic pipe, film, paper, fiber, etc.

2. The decomposed material the biggest ability. The thickness of the 18 mm;

3. Unique design greatly prolongs the service life of rotary cutting tools;

4. Based on rotating knife and cutting tools can be easily removed to make cleaning and maintenance;

5. The spindle drive reducer, realize the stable operation, low noise and high torque;

6. PLC control system and automatic overload protection and automatic reverse switch;

High quality plastic single shaft shredder is a plastic crusher without screen. Low speed operation is a special design of crushing all kinds of particles and lower injection molding machine. Pelletizer characteristics such as stable operation, no noise and dust pollution, good and consistent particle granulation, no overheating in operation and prolong service life.

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