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High sepration rate copper cable wire recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

High sepration rate copper cable wire recycling machine,Cable wire recycling machine is used for recovery of copper and aluminum wire and aluminum wire. At first, the crusher grinding particles. At this time, PVC is from the core, but they are mixed together. A mixture of PVC particles and copper particles into the air separator, PVC and metal core part. Copper particles and plastic particles respectively.

High sepration rate copper cable wire recycling machine,The purity of the product (copper particles and PVC particles) can reach 99%. Not only changed the traditional way of restoring the invention of copper (copper wire, copper) to reduce environmental pollution, and improve the purity of copper. It is composed of PLC control system is fully automatic recycling can save labor and energy. Recyclers can also PVC products, obtain more economic benefits. Widely used in the field of recycling and other related industries. Our copper wire recycling machine in industry leading prices.

High sepration rate copper cable wire recycling machine features

1. Economy, high capacity, low price, high separation rate.

2. Water cooling system can prevent plastic block in winter.

3. It can separate the wire. There are two magnetic box on the conveyor.

Above is cable recycling of simple introduction, if you are interested in our products can contact us, we will give you more information.

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