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Scrap wire precious metal recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

Scrap wire precious metal recycling machine,Scrap wire precious metal recycling machine combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology, equipment, main effect is to deal with electronic waste with precious metals, suitable for all kinds of waste circuit board, computer boards, TV board, aluminum, plastic plate, copper plate, printed circuit board and processing of waste recovery and disposal of waste electrical and mechanical crushing, the recycling metal purity up to 99%.

Scrap wire precious metal recycling machine structure:

Coal pulverizing system

Coal pulverizing system's main function is through the dry crushing and grinding, make circuit board materials crushed into metal and resin fiber powder mixture, such easy separation for the next step.

High voltage electrostatic separation system

The main role of high voltage electrostatic separation system is the separation of mixture, the mixture of metal and resin can be separated by high voltage electrostatic separation system, metal powder and powder tree.

To prevent the dust pollution in the Scrap wire precious metal recycling machine process, equipment is also used by triad dust removal equipment, dust removal equipment three-stage dust removal: cyclone dust, dust bag dust removing air purifier, effectively solve the problem of dust pollution, index has reached the national standard.

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