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High Quality Rubber Granulating Machine

Author:Suny Group

High Quality Rubber Granulating Machine,Our Rubber Granulating Machine is proven turn scrap used tyres into high quality, nylon free, metal free and uncontaminated rubber powder. This plant is designed to shred and recycle passenger car, truck tyres and OTR tires and have a capacity ranges from 500kg to 5000Kg in one hour and process 30-120mesh rubber powder.

The final size of rubber powder is controlled by specially designed  centrifugal screen, it can be allowed to adjust for producing precise size. The Rubber powder system also utilize a variety of conveying and separation technologies to minimize product losses, maximize efficiency and maintain a clean operating environment.

Our uses its experience and success to continually improve the design and manufacturing of our tire recycling systems to make them more effective and efficient throughout the reduction process.

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