Milk carton recycling and separation equipment aluminum-plastic composite material grinder

Author:Suny Group

The aluminum-plastic separation equipment completely adopts the mechanical separation method. The aluminum-plastic pipe is also called the aluminum-plastic mixed pipe, and the aluminum is sandwiched between two layers of plastic. Aluminum-plastic separation equipment refers to equipment that separates aluminum-plastic composite pipes into metal and plastic.

Environmentally-friendly aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment is completely dry-type physical separation, which has good social and economic benefits. The equipment can not only sort all kinds of metals and plastics or other impurities, such as aluminum-plastics, waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB), waste cables, etc. It can also sort all kinds of plastics such as PET, PVC, PP, PS and so on.

Since cities have to eliminate a large amount of waste every year, the combination of a mill and electrostatic separation equipment can turn these wastes into treasure without secondary pollution. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is composed of a feeding conveyor, a crusher, a water-cooled pulverizer, an electrostatic separator and a dust removal equipment.