Help Pakistani customers create wealth, win win with equipment and services!

Author:Suny Group

Recently, our overseas technicians successfully assisted a Pakistani customer to install a 500kg/hr copper wire recycling machine. After the customer put the equipment into normal production, the machine ran well and the recovered copper particles were very clean and contained no impurities, creating substantial income for the customer. In order to express his gratitude to our equipment and service personnel, the customer specially sent photos of the factory site.

2561 (2)_proc.jpg

We are committed to providing every customer with all technical support for equipment. Whether it is going to the customer's factory to install and debug the equipment, or personally instructing production staff on the usage specifications, Suny Group serves every customer throughout the process.

This successful cooperation not only gave customers full trust in our equipment, but also made them deeply satisfied with the quality of the machine. Suny Group will continue to adhere to the customer-centric principle to provide excellent equipment and considerate services to customers around the world.