Zhengyang Machinery Copper wire granulator

Author:Suny Group

Copper wire granulator also known as cable wire recycling equipment, Copper wire granulator including crushing system, dust removal system, separation system, the design is reasonable, is the best equipment to recycling scrap wire.

Zhengyang Machinery Copper wire granulator

Copper wire granulator adopted dry crushing system, The first,waste cables into the crushing system, make the waste cables into the particles with copper particles and plastic particles,then through the separation system, sorting out the copper particles and plastic particles, copper particles separation rate of 99%, equipment with small noise, large output, strong innovative features.

Copper wire granulator for all kinds of automobile electric line, old communication cable and other various cable of wire stripping machine is not suitable for processing.

Copper wire granulator can completely separate the copper and plastic, and to achieve the comprehensive utilization, has high economic benefit, and no dust, no secondary pollution.