Why recycle waste circuit board ?

Author:Suny Group

Waste circuit board are present in almost all types of equipment, including vehicles  mobile phones, computers, TVs, printers, white goods and industrial and medical equipment.

A large proportion of consumer electronics (phones and computers) are still consigned to landfill, along with their circuit boards.

Waste circuit board recyling machine can be used to recover gold, copper, nickel and other precious metals from PCB boards. The circuit boards then become slag, which is recycled to be used as construction material. The disadvantages are that the process yields a low recovery of both precious and base metals and it is extremely energy intensive. Loss of gold and palladium from the mechanical and smelting processes is estimated to be between 15-35%.

It is simple and cost-effective and can treat any grade and type of scrap boards (low, medium and high grade).