Why Should We Need Cable Wire Stripping Machine

Author:Suny Group

Recycling scrap copper wires is a booming business and at the same time has significant environmental benefits. If you have around 250 kilos of aluminum or copper wires, you are losing money if you do not own a cable stripping machine.

Copper alloys scrap or copper scrap is generated during metal product fabrication or when a copper-containing product reaches its end of life. As for copper scrap origin, there are two types of copper scrap: new scrap and old scrap. New scrap is generated during the initial manufacturing process, originating from factories that produce articles from copper or copper alloys. Old scrap is collected after a consumer cycle, either separated or mixed and it is often contaminated to a certain degree, depending highly on origin and collection systems.

In developed countries, the predominant way of recycling the mental from cable scrap is automated cable chopping according to BIR. The process often includes pre-sorting, cable chopping, granulating, screening and density separating. The metal content of residue streams can vary from less than 1% to more than 15%. If a dry electrostatic system or wet separation (e.g. cyclones, tables) is used, the metal content may be reduced to less than 0.1%, which will consequently increase the value of the recovered plastic. In general, the overall metal recovery is around 94-99%.

An environmental-protection and less costly way for material separation is cable stripping. Wire stripping machine is widely used in most developed countries by utilities, cable manufacturers, cable chopping companies and metal scrap dealers. In contrast to chopping, the greatest advantage of stripping is the high purity of the recycled metal and insulation materials.

If you want to strip wires from the insulation coat completely, wire stripping machine is your optimal choice.