Please change,if not,the road to fortune will become a road to perdition

Author:Suny Group

Guiyu, a town in Guangdong Province, China, is probably an unfamiliar name for a lot of people, but this town has special significance in the history of global E-waste (such as scrap cellphones, TVs, PCs, monitors, VCRs, etc.) dismantling.

As early as the first half of 20th century, people in Guiyu began to walk through the streets to collect scrap iron and copper in order to earn a living. So, people there were widely known as “Trash Collectors” in the neighborhood. Now, Guiyu town has become the largest E-waste site in the world. According to statistics, more than 80% families in Guiyu town have directly participated in the collection and processing of E-wastes, and almost 1.5 million tons of E-wastes are dismantled every year. The annual income of a family can be up to 1 million yuan from this industry. Therefore, a lot of people there got rich just by owing a small E-waste processing workshop.

It’s no secret that E-wastes contain valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc. Just because E-waste recycling is profitable, a lot of people were attracted to commit to this industry. However, for saving cost, the dismantling process in Guiyu town is performed with very simple tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and tongs. In addition, workers there cook or burn the circuit boards or cable to obtain those precious metals. Just because of the low recycling technology and inadequate facilities, a lot of toxic and hazardous components from those E-wastes caused serious water pollution and many children suffering from lead poisoning in the process of E-waste dismantling.

With the rapid development and replacement of high-tech products, it’s believable that no one denies the importance E-waste recycling. So, it’s very important to adopt technologically advanced and environmentally friendly E-Waste recycling machines to increase the processing efficiency. Guiyu people should also change their ideas and concepts and introduce advanced recycling facilities to really walk on the road of fortune.

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