How to deal with electronic waste with no pollution of the environment

Author:Suny Group

For the processing of electronic waste problem, we also has been trying to, at present, the method of recycling electronic waste chemical processing, methods of fire processing, mechanical processing, how to deal with electronic waste with no pollution of the environment?

1, Chemical processing,

Chemical treatment of electronic waste, also known as wet processing, will be broken after the electronic waste particles into positions to the acid or alkali liquid, leaching liquid after extraction, ion exchange, precipitation, substitution, filtering and distillation and so on a series of process of high grade metal. But in the process of chemical treatment to use acid and highly toxic fluoride, etc, will produce large amounts of waste liquid, and discharge of poisonous gas, the harm to the environment.

2, Fire processing

Method to deal with is the electronic waste incineration, melting, sintering, melting, etc., to remove plastic and other organic ingredients enrichment of metal. Fire treatment will cause serious harm to the environment. From recycling, ecological environment protection, etc, these methods are difficult to promote. Guangdong guiyu town in our country is taken, such as the two larger processing method, damage to the environment to the local environment and sustainable development has brought the serious influence.

3, mechanical processing

Mechanical processing of electronic waste is using physical property differences between each component separation methods, steps, including disassembly, crushing, separation machinery processing material again after a subsequent processing respectively for renewable raw materials such as metals, plastics, glass. This kind of treatment method has low cost, simple operation, not easy to cause secondary pollution, easy to realize the advantages of the scale, is the popular of the development of countries.

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