How to Slow Global Warming in Your Everyday Life?

Author:Suny Group

Global warming has become a top environment issue in the past decades. Sea-level rise, subtropical desert expansion, retreat of glaciers, extreme weathers including droughts, heavy rainfall, and heat waves, ocean acidification, species extinction, even the security of food are all the consequences of the warming climate. For the sake of human sustainable development, what can we individuals do?

Use Less Electricity

Firstly, you’d better unplug the power cord when it is not in use. Secondly, it is a good habit to turn off electronics with a power strip. Last but not least, clean the air filters regularly to increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Use Green Power

Green power is a kind of renewable energy source such as the sun and the wind, which can produce lower greenhouse emissions and save energy. Installing solar panels in you house will be a good choice for you, which will provide you the hot water with little energy waste.

Save Water

Turn the water faucet off when you are brushing your teeth or shaving, mend the leaky faucet and toilet, and take a five-minute shower instead of a bath. Choose a high-efficiency washing machine, and wash the clothes with cold water. There is no need for you to water the lawn everyday, do it when necessary.


We all know that recycling scrap copper can cut down the greenhouse gas emissions compared with smelting and refining copper. Especially with the advanced copper wire granulator, there is little greenhouse gas emission. In you everyday life, you can collect the used items like newspaper, batteries, beverage containers and other recyclable goods and send them to the recycling factories, which will help you protect the environment and earn extra money. Apart from individuals, enterprises should assume more responsibility for the global warming.