How Can We Recycle Electronic Waste?

Author:Suny Group

E-waste is growing rapidly and its rapid increase can be a severe loss of mankind. It contains different harmful chemicals as it is primarily composed of precious metals like aluminum, copper, silver, gold, palladium, plastics and other ferrous metals. Metals are found the most harmful materials in e-waste, which produce dangerous fumes when disposed of. These fumes are proved harmful for health, agricultural purposes and marine life. Moreover other toxic materials like lead, cadmium, mercury and chemical flame retardants can easily leach into our soil and water making it infertile.

Electronic waste recycling process machine can be used for recycling all kinds of waste or used electric appliances, such as computer, TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. From the process, you can get clean metals, like copper, aluminum, iron and plastics for recycle use.

The Electronic waste recycling process machine can make pretreatment for the waste refrigerator, air conditioner and other electric appliance which has refrigerant to take out fluorine and tear down the compressor, for the waste washing machine, need to tear down the motors. Then to make the electric appliance go through first rough crushing, second crushing, air classification, foam collection, dust removal, magnetic separation, eddy current separation, electric separation and other process to separate and recycle the iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, Insulation foam membrane and others.